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ring bologna, pickled bologna garlic bologna

Our Ring Bologna is made from high quality meats mixed with specially blended seasoning. It is then smoked with hard maple wood in our smokehouse for an old-fashioned flavor and taste.
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  • Garlic Bologna,
  • Pickled Bologna,
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  • Slicing Bologna(for sandwiches).
  •  ring bologna, pickled bologna garlic bologna

    Pickled Bologna ( Baloney)

    Our customers love our pickled bologna! Some mention having that craving and needed to place an order.

    No fillers are ever added! All natural casings used!

    If you need our pickled bologna shipped, it will be vacuumed packed to preserve the freshness.

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    Delicious Bologna Potato Salad Recipe

    By Randy Wicks

    6 potatoes
    1/2 green pepper
    1 thick slice bologna
    3 tbsp Bread & Butter pickle juice
    8 bread and butter pickles
    Mayonnaise to taste
    12 mini sweet pickled onions

    Peel and wash 6 potatoes, using a small pot half fill with water add a little salt and Boil potatoes until cooked, drain potatoes well, mash and let cool. Cut up bologna, and b&b pickles in 1/4" size chunks. Cut up peppers into small pieces similar to relish. Divide onions into quarters. Add the juice and mayonnaise to potatoes and mix all ingredients together. Chill before serving and enjoy. Please let me know how you enjoy this recipe?

    The brand name ingredients you use is up to you but I prefer Maple leaf bologna and kraft miracle whip (mayonaise). I have been using this recipe for years and now decided to share it with you. All of the above ingredients can be purchased at any local food market. This recipe will take very little time to prepare and won't cost much to make. Any left over salad should be placed in a refrigerator or in a cool place for later use. Thanks and enjoy I am very happy to share it with you. Randy.

    I am an inventor and I am always thinking up and experimenting with new ideas like this simple recipe. Thanks for trying the recipe.

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