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Plevalean won the Michigan New Product of the Year Award in 1993. The Plevalean burger combines tart cherries with 91% lean ground beef to create a zesty product.
The cherries:

  • reduce fat,
  • reduce calories,
  • reduce sodium and
  • reduce cholesterol, while maintaining
  • taste,
  • texture and
  • juiciness.

    This was patented in 1995 by Ray Pleva. Plevalean has found its way into school lunches across 17 states as well as many restaurants and other institutional settings.

    It tastes great! Its hard to believe it is lean ground beef!

    Here is a testamonial

    Blogger writes:

    "because of Plevalean, a mixture of ground beef and cherries conceived by owner Ray Pleva. Plevalean has less fat and more nutritional value than regular ground beef. I've had it; it's great. And if you're one of those people who has issues with mixing meat and don't know that there are cherries in your burger; you really don't.

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    Research from MSU

    "It mimicked a high-fat product", said Alden Booren, a meat specialist at Michigan State University, referring to the Plevalean burger that was recently scientifically tested by their labs.

    Popping tart cherries instead of a pill may be an option for those suffering from inflammatory pain, according to Michigan State University researchers.

    Michigan State University research, funded by the Michigan Agricultural Experimental Station and the Cherry Marketing Institute, finds that the same chemicals that give tart cherries their color may relieve pain better than aspirin and ibuprofen. Cherries may also provide antioxidant protection comparable to commercially available supplements like vitamin E and vitamin C. This report appeared in the February 1999 edition of Journal of Natural Products, published by the American Chemical Society.

    Although studies have not yet been conducted on humans, lead author Muralee G. Nair, a professor of horticulture who is affiliated with the National Food Safety and Toxicology Center, says that results suggest eating about 20 tart cherries could reduce inflammatory pain and benefit the consumer with antioxidant protection. That small amount of cherries contains 12-25 milligrams of active antioxidant compounds, including anthocyanins, according to the authors.

    Anthocyanins were found to prevent the oxidative damage caused by oxygen or free radicals almost as well as compounds in antioxidant products on the market. In addition, inflammation-causing enzymes, called cyclcoxygenase-1 and -2, were inhibited by the anthocyanins at doses more than ten times lower than aspirin, and without stomach irritation aspirin sometimes causes.

    In addition, the cherries may also assist in improving memory, concentration and vision and assist in preventing the development of cardiovascular disease.

    Daily consumption of cherries has the potential to reduce pain related inflammation, arthritis and gout, says Nair. "If you have pain from chronic arthritis and aspirin bothers your stomach, eating a bowl of cherries may reduce that pain."

    If eating a bowl of cherries isn’t always practical, a cherry pill with all the benefits of the fruit may be available in the future.

    "Then people can pop a pill instead of eating a whole bowl full of sour cherries", Nair says. "That’s pretty hard to do."

    - The University of Michigan MedSport Program (Sports Medicine, Preventative Cardiology, Corporate Wellness Division of the University of Michigan’s Medical Center) has approved Plevalean with a green check indicating it as a best choice for healthy eating.

    Cherry hamburgers may be healthier for you than regular burgers, based on the results of a study by scientists researching this unusual combination. Adding cherries to hamburger meat retards spoilage and reduces the formation of suspected cancer-causing compounds known as HAAs (heterocyclic aromatic amines), according to researchers at Michigan State University (MSU). Previous research into the effect of combining cherry tissue with ground beef has shown the resulting product to be more than twice as low in fat, yet tender and more juicy than pure beef hamburgers.

    Try it and you will know why this is one of our best sellers at Pleva's Meats.

    * Low in fat * High in protein * Half the calories of a regular hamburger
    * Source of fiber and vitamins * Less cooking time and clean up
    * Seals itself while cooking to maintain juiciness and flavor
    * More yield (less shrinkage) * Extended shelf life for added safety
    *Contains natural antioxidants found in cherries for
    added health benefits* Enhances any type of meat dish *
    Easy to digest and fits in well with special diets * No warmed over flavor

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