Smoked and Fresh Sausages From Plevas Meats In Cedar Michigan

Sausages made the old fashioned way, in a smokehouse since 1946.
We take the finest quality meat and blend it with a secret combination of spices to create the best sausage! No fillers are ever added! All natural casings used!

If you need our sausages shipped, they will be vacuumed packed to preserve the freshness.

Our customers often tell us we have the best sausage. Try one and let us know what you think!

fresh smoked cherry pecan sausage seal
Award Winning
Cherry Pecan Sausage

Its Great Grilled! Terrific Snack!

From Our Family To Yours!

Cherry Pecan Sausage (link), Cherry Pecan Sausage(bulk),
Fresh Polish Kielbasa, Italian Sausage, Italian Cherry Sausage,
Cherry Chorizo Bratwurst,
Cherry Cajun Bratwurst,
German Bratwurst, Bulk Pork Sausage, Link Pork Sausage

Smoked and seasoned to perfection!
Beef Jerky,    Chicken Cajun Jerky,    Hotdogs (natural casing),
Cheddar Hot Dogs (seasonal),    Ring Bologna,    Garlic Bologna,
Slicing Bologna,    Slicing Garlic Bologna,    Pickled Bologna,
Polish Kielbasa,    All Beef Cherry Bratwurst,    Cajun Bratwurst
(seasonal),    Italian Cherry Bratwurst,    Cherry Pecan Sausage,
Cherry Pecan Bratwurst,    Chicken Cherry Sausage,
German Bratwurst,
    Polish Bratwurst,    Polish Dogs,
Turkey Bratwurst,    Canadian Bacon,    Summer Sausage

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