Snack Sticks from Plevas Meats in Northern Michigan

Try all varieties of our all natural Snack sticks treats.

Polish Cherry Sticks $1.50 each
Salami Cherry Sticks $1.50 each
Beef Cherry Pepperoni Sticks $1.50 each
Turkey Cherry Pepperoni Sticks$1.50 each

We smoke them to perfection for just the right amount of time to give you a truly tasty snack. They make a nutritional snack and can easily taken in school lunches, sporting events, parties, camping, hunting and more.

If you are looking for a premium quality snack and exceptional flavors that meet or exceed the demands of the most pickiest eater. This is it!

Beef Cherry Pepperoni Sticks

Turkey Cherry Pepperoni Stick

Salami Cherry Sticks,

Polish Cherry Sticks


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